Investor Construction

Construction In Dallas' Hottest Neighborhoods

Investor Construction has been building and construction managing custom homes for other home builders and private individuals in some of Dallas' most prestigious and hottest neighborhoods for years.

  • Briarwood, Dallas
  • Bluffview, Dallas
  • Devonshire, Dallas
  • M Streets, Dallas
  • Kessler Park, Dallas
  • Preston Hollow, Dallas
  • Midway Hollow, Dallas
  • Lakewood, Dallas
  • Brookhaven Country Club, Farmers Branch

Knowledge and experience are possibly the most important factor in building a custom or semi-custom home, especially in some of the neighborhoods we build in. Not only are the customers demanding but so are the neighborhoods themselves. Many of these areas have narrow lots with even narrower side yards and having a builder with the experience that knows how to build homes on narrow lots is critical. We have the experience to work with both the home owner/builder we are building for and the architect or designer that is responsible for designing the plans for the home. Narrow lots create issue with many things such as air conditioner outside condenser placement, rear or front garages, back yard size expectations, and many more issues that arise with narrow lots.

Other issues involve that all of these neighborhoods are tear down and rebuild lots. The existing utilities in these neighborhoods are older and usually require complete replacement. Having an experienced builder that knows how to work directly with ONCOR (electric supplier) and ATMOS (gas supplier) is critical in these older neighborhoods. More importantly, as we have seen other builders make this mistake, is that the issues with these utilities MUST be addressed at the very start of construction before construction begins. Otherwise there could be major delays later in the construction process.

Another issue is front vs rear entry garages. While some neighborhoods may not even have rear alleys many of these neighborhoods do. So you think that means you can have a rear entry garage, correct? Not so fast. Many of Dallas' older neighborhoods do not have concrete alley's and are simply dirt alleys that turn into mud when it rains. We have seen builders never take this into account when building homes in these neighborhoods only to learn after construction that buyers dont want to drive their valuable cars down muddy alleys. This is where an experienced builder in these neighborhoods would step in and address this issue up front.

For other builders we know exactly what you go through to build a custom home

Much of the time building a home is dealing with home buyers, designers, lenders, etc. That is where we step in. We take over the daily on site construction for you so you can go ahead and spend more time running the other parts of your construction business.

For individual lot owners we can help you build your dream home

Even if you have already talked with another builder our low cost, flat fee pricing we charge to builders we do the same with individual buyers. We still build the exact same high quality homes for individuals as we do for the other builders that we build for so you know you are getting a true custom home but at builder and investor pricing.

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