Investor Construction

Contractor Punchout Ticket System

We use technology to our advantage. Phones and tablets can be just as important today on jobsites as hammers and nails. Our contractor punch list ticketing system allows us to communicate with contractors and track the work. No special software or subscriptions required. While on a jobsite we can take photos and create a punch ticket within minutes. Once the ticket is completed the system sends the contractor an email or SMS text message with a link and the contractor can open and view in any browser and can simply email or text the link to any employee or subcontractor for viewing.

Designed Specifically For Home Construction Contractors

We know how contractors operate....from the guy in the field, to a jobsite manager, to a person in the office. This system is designed for all of them to understand

Mobile Friendly For Phones and Tablets

Mobile 1st design with clean simple interface so contractors can easily see photos and information on phone sized screens. No more notes written on paper that can get lost on jobsites

Photo Gallery

Designed from the start to show photos to contractors from the builders point of view with a full description written by the builder for each ticket line item

Improves Quality, Speeds Construction Times

This punch list ticketing system is a direct communication to contractors and emphasizes to the contractors the quality expectations from us as the builder

Simplified Design = Focused Contractor

Contractors have a hard time staying focused on repair and punch out jobs. This system gets right to the point and no multiple screens to understand what the issue is. We simplified the design so they can focus on getting their work done

Many builders do NOT want to use a system like this for 2 main reasons:

1) either they are old school builders and dont understand technology like this or just dont want the hassle
2) other systems on the market are FAR TOO COMPLICATED to use and have too many features like accounting and other bloatware that is not necessary for just a contractor punch ticket system

We are not afraid of technology and embrace it's use and this system makes us a better builder.