Investor Construction

Build On Your Own Lot In The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Find A Lot You Like, We Will Build On It. You Are Not Locked Into The Builders Lots

Have an area you want to build a house? Many builders will buy lots and you are stuck having to choose that 1 builder who owns the lot you may want. Another option would be to buy the lot yourself and then have us build for you. With this method you avoid the builders markup on BOTH the lot and construction. Any construction costs and/or financing costs of construction you might be able to write off instead of builder who gets to write those costs off and still marks up the cost of the house to cover those costs. Buying your own lot and having us build for you eliminates that builder advantage many home buyers are unaware of.

Many Builders Will Not Build On A Lot They Do Not Own

There is a reason many builders choose not to build on lots they do not own . . . profit. Most of a builder's profit is increasing the price on the lot. Just like an individual buying stocks you want to buy low and sell high. This is what builders do when they buy lots to build on. So if someone already owns a lot most of the builder's profit is already gone and the builder is left with having to compete with other builders on pure build cost and their profit. Once the lot profit is removed from the building process builders then have to figure out how to be competitive on pricing their services . . . which many builders do NOT want to do. There are a few ways for builders to price out construction when they do not own the lot and one of the most common pricing method is "cost plus". This is an easy way for individual lot owners to really see what the builder is going to charge because this "cost plus" method will add a percentage profit on top of all construction related costs. This is where builders will have to compete and why many will refuse to do a build on your own lot build job. "Cost plus" builder mark up can range from 10% to over 20% and this will have to be disclosed on a "Cost Plus Contract". Now a builder's profit is stated and many builders do not want this disclosed. Other builders take pride in their work and openly tell prospective clients how much their cost plus fee will be. But even a builder's pride may not match their fee. In other words, many builders believe they build better than they really do and say they charge for all that knowledge. A prospective client really needs to see a builder's previous work history and validate the builder's "pride" or "ego" matches the builder's cost plus add-on fee.

Builders love cost plus contracts because the more you the client spends, the more the builder makes. The more you the client makes changes and want to add-on or change from the original plans, the more the builder makes. In the end, the builder has an incentive for you to spend more money . . . because they make more money. With cost plus contracts the typical method for "build on your own lot" construction the owner will many times pay far more than they should. This is where Investor Construction can step in and possibly help out individuals who want to build a new home on their own lot.

We Have A Different Business Model . . . Other Builders Do Not Understand It

For select lot and home owners we will build your property at builder and investor pricing. Although we traditionally build for other real estate industry professionals such as builders, realtors and real estate investment groups we can build for you just like we build for individual investors. Our portfolio and quality speaks for itself. Even if you have already talked with another builder our low cost, flat fee pricing we charge to builders we do the same with individual buyers. We still build the exact same high quality homes for individuals as we do for the other builders that we build for so you know you are getting a true custom home but at builder and investor pricing.

Need House Plans? We Can Help You Find a Plan Designer or Architect

Building a house can be overwhelming, and quite frankly, that is why many home buyers just decide to buy a house already completed from a home builder. But for those home buyers who have both the time to wait on construction AND want to be a part of designing their house then we can help you. You may have a plan designer or architect you want to use or we have a list of those we have worked with. Getting financing arranged, purchasing a lot and finding a plan designer or architect are the first 3 steps in the construction process.

We Will Show You Ways To Cut Costs And Still Get The Same Look

Buying a new home from a home builder already completed you are stuck with their design selections from fixtures to colors to exterior design choices. Another common option is you find a lot you want but a builder already owns that lot and that builder will TYPICALLY give you a dollar per sq foot budget to work with. Anything beyond that cost the builder just increases the price of the house or if the home buyer is financing the construction then the lender has to approve the additional expenses or the home buyer has to come out of pocket for the additional expenses. Our model is slightly different. Since we have a flat fee, low cost model we CAN give you a budget to work with -OR- we can show you how to cut costs from the initial house design all the way thru construction costs, fixture selections, appliances, etc and there are many ways to achieve the SAME LOOK but at different levels of cost. As a home buyer you may choose to reduce or cut in 1 area but then put that money into a different area. This is where we can help you out and make the process a little easier to understand.

City Demo/Rebuild Programs With Tax or Cash Back Incentives

Many homeowners are unaware certain cities offer a demo/rebuild program that gives the LOT OWNER either tax incentives or cash back when the lot owner buys an older house, tears it down, and rebuilds a new house. Unknown to home buyers the builders take advantage of this and THE BUILDER is the one who gets those advantages - and still marks the house up with full profit. Now, imagine another scenario where YOU THE HOMEOWNER buys the lot and we build for you. Now you, the homeowner, not only get the rebates or tax credits from the city, but with our flat fee, discounted construction fees we will help you build your house without all the builder markup that other home builders charge. For homeowners it can add up to huge cost savings on having their home built.

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