Investor Construction

Private Label, Wholesale Construction

What Is Private Label, Wholesale Construction?

We use the phrase private label, wholesale construction because in many ways that is exactly what we do. Since we work with other builders, realtors, lenders, and others in the real estate industry we typically build or construction manage under your company name and your marketing.

In scenario one for our investors, who are usually out of state or out of the local area, we traditionally build under the "private label" model where we take out the permit under our name but all the sales and marketing to the public as well as signs it the yard are under the investors or investment groups marketing name. Just as with any "private label" manufacturing arrangement we are producing product under another company's name.

In scenario two for other builders and contractors we are extremely flexible on working with other builders to set up a model that works best for them but most of the time we are building "wholesale" for that builder or as independent contractor construction management. Because we charge a low cost, flat fee to build the end result is we are usually 1/3 to 1/2 what other builders charge for construction management fees and this reduction in cost is passed back to the builder or contractor we are building for. Many times we can build a property at a lower cost, faster, and higher quality than the builder who hires us.

Short or Long Term, We Are Just Here To Help

We do not lock builders into long term commitments because we know construction comes and goes. Builders can choose to use Investor Construction as an independent contractor for 1 project or multiple projects or at various times on an as-need basis.

We tailor construction or construction management to fit YOUR MODEL

We know every builder is different and construction comes and goes for a lot of reason so we keep our business model flexible. If it makes sense for both parties then we are interested in discussing any project a builder or developer may have in mind.

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