We Build Semi-Custom Homes

Investor Construction has plenty of experience in semi-custom homes - or homes that are priced between higher end custom homes and mid-range construction homes in production subdivisions. A builder has to know how to combine the elements and touches of a custom home without the higher costs all while making sure it does not look like a production home. Having experience building all price points Investor Construction has the knowledge to pull this off.

For other builders we know exactly what you go through to build homes. Much of that time is dealing with home buyers, designers, lenders, etc. That is where we step in. We take over the daily on site construction for you so you can go ahead and spend more time running the other parts of your construction business.

For individual lot owners we can help you build your dream home. Even if you have already talked with another builder our low cost, flat fee pricing we charge to builders we do the same with individual buyers. We still build the exact same high quality homes for individuals as we do for the other builders that we build for so you know you are getting a home at builder and investor pricing.