We build investment property - Our investors build equity and cash flow (sm)
We build investment property - Our investors build equity and cash flow (sm)
Individual real estate investor
Investor Construction has established a program for individual investors to gain access to new investment construction by pooling together these investors as a common group. In effect these individual investors now become part of our collective with other individual investors and gain access to projects as an investment group. Combined together with other independent investment groups large projects are now within investment reach for individual investors.


How does an investor get involved in a project?
Investor Construction is constantly involved in finding projects. Each project is different and could involve raw land being converted into a final project or it might be individual lots already parceled and ready to build. Our project managers determine the best product to build and calculate all the expenses in completing the project. The costs include individual lot costs, actual sticks and bricks construction cost, and all the fees the city charges to connect to city services. At this point we now have a full picture of the overall cost for each unit and for the entire project. With these costs now established we have to determine factors that investors will certainly want to know including appraised values and up front equity as well as rental rates and cash flow for units that will be rented. At this point we create project packages that show the project in detail and send these out to our individual investors and investment groups for evaluation.

How are other individual investors getting involved?
Each investor is completely different and has different methods and techniques they prefer with real estate investment. Some investors prefer to flip properties as quickly as possible while others are more interested in rental cash flow. Different investors will evaluate each project differently. As an investor evaluates one of our project packages they will need to determine if that project is a fit for their investment tastes.

How does Investor Construction differ from other investment opportunities?
Individual investors have traditionally had limited options with real estate investing. With late night commercials and book after book available too many people are doing the exact same thing. This means most individual investors are going after the same opportunities as everyone else, bidding against each other and driving up the cost in many circumstances. These methods include purchasing foreclosed or REO properties at auctions, or looking for assumable mortgages, or looking for notes to purchase. In all of these methods they involve existing properties. In certain parts of the county these have been an excellent source of gaining equity while in other parts they have become risky as the market has changed. Many properties require rehab and the investor is required to finance the fix-up of the property which could take weeks or maybe months. During that time the investor is paying the mortgage. On top of that the investor still has to finance the rehab of the property. Individual investors have little options other than paying the interest payment on a rehab loan or worse they use their own cash for the rehab. To make the process worse they still have to wait for the property to either sell or get rented. Many investors have lost personal money in this process and has scared away many people to these methods. Having no other options many individuals that want to invest in real estate have opted to stay away.

Our company is dedicated to NEW construction in residential areas. This eliminates the headaches of auctions, having to find contractors and the sweat equity of fixing up homes, and all the frustrations with existing homes.

Buying new eliminates all those frustrations. Our company builds at a large discount and allows built in equity UP FRONT so the investor does not have to wait 1-3 years before they see equity. Depending upon each investors financing a single investors may now have the opportunity to invest in multiple properties without the need to get involved in the headaches of an existing property.

If you are an individual investor and would like more information please contact us for additional information.
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